LiFePO4 ---batteries ---12v 200Ah backup power,solar system

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China (Mainland)
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solar energy
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LiFePO4 ---batteries ---12v 200Ah solar system,backup power
UPS solar system batteries replacement for lead acid battery
more suitable
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last for 5-7 years
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less than 50kg
UPS, solar system
2000 Pack/Packs per Day
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pvc ,plastic box ,oxygen board or others as required
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20-25 days


ups ,solar system batteries,12v/200Ah
CE, UL, SGS/ROHS certified
5-7 years life for storage application

LiFePO4 ---batteries ---12v 200Ah+BMS for backup power,solar energy


1.  Project Overview&Requirement


1,Rated Voltage:12V


2,Max continuous discharging voltage:14.6V


3,Over-discharge Protect Voltage:10V


3,Rated Current:62.5A.


4,Battery Pack :12V 200AH


2. OPTIMUM Recommended Solution


2.1,Battery solution


2.1.1 Working Voltage:    


Rated Voltage (V) 12.8V


Voltage Range (V) 10V-14.6V


2.1.2   SOC Permitted Range:   10%-90%


   2.1.3  Battery Capacity:


             25°C   2 KWh (100% DOD @ 1C rate)


-20°C   2.4KWh (100% DOD @ 1C rate)


2.1.4   Working Current (Based on the BMS max current )


         Max continuous charge current:65A


         Max continuous discharge current:65A


2.1.5 Characteristic of Working Temperature:


Normal working temperature: - 30°C- +70°C


Can work at 70°C,and no security concerns


2.1.6 Storge Temperature:       


- 10°C- +50°C can be better ,and safe


2.1.7 Battery pack structure and character:




Weight:  ≤ 50 kg (The total weight of 2 casees )


size:       refer diagram 2.


Self discharge :normal temperature(25°C),self-discharge per month≤3%



3.Battery Management System prameter(BMS)


Working voltage:       12V


Safety protection:       have insulation and leakage monitoring


Battery cell voltage,current detection0.5%, 20ms(sampling precision and time interval)

Battery usage record information: voltage,current,temperature, SOC,SOH,insulation resistance.


Environment temperature:       -20~55°C


emergency treatmentbreak the scramed switch or equip related Air Circuit Breaker


temperature protection:        65°C(can be set)


Fan start temperature:     45°C


Overcurrent protection:           200 A(can be set)


Over charging protection:         3.90V(cell,can be set)


Over discharging protection:         2.5V(cell,can be set)


SOC estimation:         5%


SOH estimationequ:         5%


Max Equalization manage current:   1000mA(according to applied demand to equip)


Failure diagnosis:    Over charging,Over discharging,short circuit,overheat,SOC over low or over high,insulation,low resistance;when overrun,disconnect affiliate relay by the superior commands,after exceeding the time limit, BMS disconnect the main relay actively


The definition of the whole commucation and connector:CAN2.0B;accord with SAE1939


CAN information contents :


Battery capacity(SOC)( SOC asseeement mistake not over 5%)

Battery life (SOH)(battery life should be indicated,will be updated with the battery operated)

Max temperature of battery unit

Min temperature of battery unit

Battery voltage

Battery current

Battery power based on SOC,under the condition of SOH and temperature, 10s discharge power is allowed

Based on the condition of SC,SH and temperature,10s discharge power is allowed



 12v 200ah battery+BMS  applied for backup power ,solar energy ,UPS.






Other applications



1.Electric Vehicle :Hybrid Electric Vehicle ,Pure Electric Vehicle;


2.Ebike ,Escooter ,Electric Golf Cart ,Electric Tools , Lawn Mower ,Vacuum Cleaner .Electric boat,Elevator ,Electric Wheelchair ;


3.UPS :For computer ,Emergency Application,Medical Movable UPS ;


4.Solar Energy :Solat street lights ,Solar Led Lights


5.Telecom System :Communication Base .




The feature of the LiFePO4 batteries:


1, Safe: The iron-lithium battery is more safe and reliable than the lead acid one. It does not explode or burn when bump, heavy stress, needle pricking, short circuit, overcharge and overheat.


2,Environment-friendly: Accredited with ROHS, with out any hazardous and noxious substances.


3, Small in volume and light in weight: The iron-lithium battery is about 1/2 the volume and 1/3 the weight of the lead-acid battery.


4, Powerful: able to discharge with 20C at 65.C max.


5, Steady performance: high power output,1C continuous,3C pulse for normal cells and 20 C for special design. low self-discharge rate, less than3%monthly.


6, Long cycle life: over 2000 cycles with capacity staying at 80% min.


7, Lower average price per year: the average price per year is 100 Yuan RMB less than the lead-acid battery for 5 years.


8, No memory effect: always ready for charge and use, with no need to charge after a full discharg.


9, Wide temperature range: Available for use when the temperature ranges from 20°C to 70°C .


10, Intelligent charge system: voltage of each cell can be detected ,each cell can be protected against overcharge, overvoltage ,short circuit and overheat , and so that battery can be charged balance. The capacity of readout power volume :each battery has 5LED lights to readout the capacity of the battery.




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